Private chef, publicly accessible

Fuchs Artisan Foods supports local farmers, artisans & purveyors as much as possible. 

Orders for a weekly / bi-weekly, monthly / bi-monthly meal service now being accepted.  Office parties?  Breakfast for your employees? Anniversary parties? Weddings? Dinner options available, from 2-200, buffet style, to several courses.  

Each event is completely custom designed around your needs. 


the office party

[celebratory lunch or "I'm sorry you have to stay late again" dinner]


taco bar

all of the tacos. delicious tortillas, crazy salsas.  

love = tacos  [mix & match]  tacos = love



Just because. Order by the piece or dozen. We all need to start the day right.

Bite size available if you wish. 


not your mommas olive garden

but you'll still get a salad, soup, some bomb ass bread.  

hot or cold soups;  +/- meat & dairy,  +/- vegan 

some soups made gf